Various digital illustrations for the Skytrain/Dakota

USAAF C-47 Skytrain "Argonia" June 6th 1944

USAAF C-47 Skytrain of the 50th Troop Carrier Wing, 439th Troop Carrier Group, 91st Troop Carrier Squadron, June 1944. Created using iDraw and Photoshop

USAF C-47 Skytrain, Berlin Air Lift October 1948. Created in Graphic and CC PS(2015)

Pre World War 2 C-47 Skytrain of the USAAC

RAF DC3 Dakota (Royal Air Force -Battle of Britain Memorial Flight). Image created in iDraw and coloured in Photoshop

RAF DC3 Dakota during the Berlin Airlift in 1948. Represents an aircraft from 46 Squadron RAF. Created in Graphic and PSE9.

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